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The BTC prices have been consolidating and ranging as we head towards the end of the month. We had mentioned in a couple of forecasts over the last few weeks that the crypto prices had a similar fall in the same period of last year and the great bullish run in the BTC prices began only after this period and it remains to be seen whether it is going to be the same this year as well. The prices have been trading near their support region of the $8500 region over the last couple of days and this shows that there is some accumulation going on. For the bulls, they would hope that this would mean bullish accumulation which would in turn mean that the next bullish leg is around the corner.

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Prices In Range

There has not been much fundamental developments over the weekend for the traders to be worried about or be happy as well and that is also one of the reasons for the consolidation that we are seeing in the prices as of this writing. We expect this sort of consolidation to continue in general, with a bearish tinge, over the next few days as the traders await the tax season to get over? and the BTC futures to expire for this month before they launch the prices and begin to buy or sell the BTC according to the trend. Once again, we continue to believe in the bullish trend and we might see the beginning of the next leg pretty soon.

The ETH prices have also been generally consolidating but the weakening in the ETH prices has been more profound than in the BTC prices and this is something that we have been seeing over the last few weeks. The ETH prices trade just above the $500 region and we may not be surprised if the prices make a visit to the $480 support region once again in the short term.


Looking ahead to the rest of the day, we might see some calm trading for most of the day today as the lack of news and fundamentals is likely to weigh on the crypto markets for now. This is likely to give way to some volatility in the days to come.

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