Bitcoin firms come together for Bitcoin Black Friday – IBS Intelligence (blog) (subscription)


A number of Bitcoin-based companies have joined forces to commemorate the cryptocurrency?s history today. While some shoppers flood malls with their last paycheque until Christmas, others are browsing the internet ready to spend their Bitcoins.

Bitcoin firm Ledger started the Bitcoin Black Friday tradition in 2012, offering users of the currency a chance to get deals. Four years ago the average price of a Bitcoin was just $1.60 merchants joined the initial event, according to Ledger founder Jon Holmquist, with 600 opting in the year after.?Around 150 firms are expected to take part this year, offering deals on a range of products from video games to jewellery and computers.

?We launched Bitcoin Black Friday to provide a foil to Bitcoin?s negative brand image due to the Silk Road, we were successful,? says Holmquist. ?We will be focusing on a smaller event this year revolving around core Bitcoin merchants who have been processing and accepting Bitcoin for years, merchants well known in the community.?

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