Bitcoin price crash: This KEY trend could reveal future price of cryptocurrency –


and its slow slide has?surprised cryptocurrency experts, who ? although familiar with price volatility ? are not so comfortable with a steady, rather lifeless price fall.

, told the ?halcyon days? when bitcoin gained $1,000 in a day ?now seem long gone?.

Bitcoin price fell seven percent on Monday, to below $8,000, after Twitter announced it would ban advertising for cryptocurrency products, following Google and Facebook?s own crackdown that aims to protect investors from fraud.

Bitcoin is down more than 42 percent year-to-date after starting 2018 above $13,000.

However, one trader said bitcoin is trending alongside the USD, and the cryptocurrency?s peaks and troughs often follow the US currency.

Brian Stutland told CNBC: ?There is more to it than bitcoin just selling off because of government regulation or being upset about things.

?I think the trend is still intact, I?ve been saying that now for weeks.

?Bitcoin is trending with the US dollar, for whatever reason that is.

?People like the US dollar and they like bitcoin? or they don?t like it, actually, over the last few weeks.

?As the dollar has weakened, we?ve seen bitcoin weaken as well, I think we?ve seen that trend continue.?

Government regulation across the globe has been continuously blamed for a slump in bitcoin price.

Last week, the US Government issued a shift in policy. The change said the Department of Treasury?s Office of Foreign Asset Control ?may add digital currency addresses? to a list of ?specially designated? criminals.

Bitcoin addresses could be added to America?s list of financial ?bad guys? alongside terrorists, drug traffickers and agents of nations under economic sanctions whose assets are blocked.


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