Bitwalking Partners with Misfit Launching Wearable Currency Mining Devices

Walking platform app Bitwalking and Misfit wearable devices have unveiled that they have teamed up, enabling users to generate Walking Dollars (W$) through the Misfit devices.

Designed by Nissan Bahar and Franky Imbesi, the U.K.-based Bitwalking app was created to give users an incentive to become more active while earning W$ at the same time through the simple act of walking. By converting steps into digital currency, a step is worth the same value for everyone regardless of who they are or where they are.

Now as the two team up, users will have the opportunity to mine their own W$ directly from Misfit wearable devices in the first wearable technology brand that has been Bitwalking-certified.

Speaking to CCN, Nissan Bahar, CEO of Bitwalking, said:

Misfit is at the forefront of movement tracking devices and an exciting partner for exploring how the Bitwalking world will look beyond traditional mobile devices.


By linking with the Bitwalking platform, users can generate their own W$ using their fitness tracking device or smartwatch. Bahar said that this was a natural expansion for Bitwalking to embrace:

This is another important vote of trust in the Bitwalking currency?creating a technology that walks with us and recognizes our human value.


By tapping into the fitness market it is hoped that more people will take advantage of what Bitwalking are offering at the same time getting people moving about.

For those eager to get on board, they must wait until the Bitwalking update becomes available this winter for Misfit devices. Once the update is available, users will be able to connect their Misfit device directly with Bitwalking and report steps with no need to carry their smartphone anywhere they go, according to the Bitwalking team. Those who don?t have a Misfit device will soon be able to purchase them through Bitwalking?s in-app store. These can be purchased with their generated W$.

The team, however, are confident that they will attract a large following by partnering with Misfit.


Bahar said:

Users are demonstrating great interest in such partnerships and requests to team with other vendors are coming daily.


Nokia and Bitwalking Charity Walk

At a recent Bitwalking event in S?o Paulo in Brazil, Bitwalking teamed up with Nokia to unveil their platform and to host a four-day Nokia-Bitwalking Walk for Cause event.

Walkers taking part were raising money for an education project in Latin America. Every W$ raised was the equivalent to $1 USD, which saw walkers raising over W$17,000. The amount raised went toward providing computers and Android OS Keepod devices to students in the area.


Bahar said that this was a successful test drive to the Bitwalking events platform together with a global partner.

This was also an important test to the Bitwalking community that demonstrated strong social engagement and values.


Featured image from Bitwalking.

Bitwalking Partners with Misfit Launching Wearable Currency Mining Devices


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