Earning Bitcoin to Watch Ads: Is the "Attention Economy" Finally Here?

Earning Bitcoin to Watch Ads: Is the "Attention Economy" Finally Here?

A recent downgrade of Google noted that their advertising model was being potentially threatened by companies that will offer “paid attention” services to users.? Could this rising attention economy be the silver bullet that digital currencies need? Also read: Industry Report: Lawyers Defending Digital Currency Users Why Is the Attention Economy Important? A recent […]

Blockchain Startup Loyyal Partakes In Dubai Future Accelerators Program

The name Loyyal may not ring a bell for most blockchain enthusiasts right now. Even though the company is focusing on global loyalty reward schemes, they have been flying under the radar. That was until earlier this week when the company announced they would participate in the Dubai Future Accelerators program. A big step […]

Ransomware Provider Encryptor Raas Goes Offline, Master Decryption Key Deleted

The threat of ransomware goes well beyond the traditional websites trying to infect computers with malicious software. Encryptor Raas, a well-known Ransomware-as-a-Service platform, decided to shut down their service for good. They also deleted the master encryption key, which means infected victims will not be able to restore file access. Paying the ransom has […]

Government of Poland Debates on Bitcoin Regulations with the Community

The government in Poland recently had a debate in the Polish Parliament regarding Bitcoin regulations. The event organized by the Polish Bitcoin Society along with Miroslaw Suchon saw lectures by specialists from the Bitcoin and blockchain industry. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin occupy a unique position in the monetary system. They are decentralized, supported by a […]

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