Decrypting Bitcoin: The Blockchain Technology Explained

Decrypting Bitcoin: The Blockchain Technology Explained — Bitcoin and other ?cryptocurrencies? have earned quite a bit of attention over the past few years. Many call them ?the future of money,? but a majority of people don?t really know much about them.

What are cryptocurrencies? How do they work? How do you get them? Where can you use them? And what makes them safer, faster, and often cheaper to use than cash or credit?

Host Randy Clemens answers these questions and more, walking you through an in-depth overview of this paradigm shift in money. You?ll see how it?s already benefitting millions of users across the globe, and you?ll learn how you can be one of them.

Join us as we decrypt Bitcoin, from its enigmatic beginnings in late 2008 to a look at its promising future. We?ll also explore the breakthrough technology underneath it??the blockchain??and how it can change more than just our relationship with money; it can transform our societies, our governments, our businesses, and possibly our every interaction.

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Decrypting Bitcoin: Blockchain Technology Explained

Producer, Writer, Host: Randy Clemens
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