Digital Currency Weekly Recap 10-16-2016 – DCEBrief (press release)


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Digital Currency Weekly Recap 10-16-2016


Poland?s Parliament Holds Public Crypto Consultation

The Polish Parliament?s lower chamber recently conducted a public consultation to discuss and examine cryptocurrency and the blockchain. The Sejm held the event in cooperation with the Polish Bitcoin Association, and hosted roughly six dozen legal experts, academics, economists, government officials, and representatives from the crypto industry in an effort to further spark Polish awareness of an involvement with cryptocurrency technology.

In recent months, Poland?s government has been moving forward with its exploration of the technology, and shown signs of being open to encouraging greater crypto innovation within the country?s borders. In late spring, the government had initiated a program designed to explore legal and regulatory solutions to enable digital currency projects to be competitive. Previously, the country?s Digital Affairs Ministry had formally recognized the benefits of using blockchain technology to digitize government-provided services. This latest event offers additional evidence that the Polish government?s continuing interest in the new technologies.

Avalon Life Adopts DASH

Avalon Life, the environmentally-conscious crypto mining company based in Costa Rica, recently revealed that it is focusing its attention on the Dash digital currency. The mining firm will now be actively mining Dash, noting that part of the company?s mission involves supporting such cryptocurrencies in a cost-efficient and ecologically-friendly manner. Avalon Life has attracted attention in recent months for its unique reliance on geothermal and solar powered mining operations ? something that admirers have hailed as a more environmentally-sound alternative to traditional crypto mining techniques.

Shake Debit Cards Supporting Dash Top-Ups

A new partnership between Shake and Dash will enable Shake debit card users to top up their balances with the Dash digital currency. Thanks to the partnership, Dash users who have the Shake debit cards will be able to use their Dash as they engage in transactions with merchants accepting both USD and EUR. The move is great news for Dash enthusiasts who want to be able to hold their money in Dash but still be able to spend it with merchants who may not accept digital currencies. The new partnership will make use of the dash InstantSend technology to enable users to top-up their cards in mere moments ? something that can help to facilitate more interest in widespread adoption of digital currency around the globe.

Shake users can opt for the physical card that is denominated in either dollars or euros. For those who don?t want to pay the nominal fee associated with the plastic card, a virtual card can be used instead. That virtual option is free, downloadable to an Android mobile phone, and compatible with contactless terminals used by many of today?s merchants.

Zcash to Launch at End of October

A new digital currency called Zcash is scheduled to be unveiled on October 28, 2016. The new cryptocurrency, which is being backed in part by angel investor Roger Ver, intends to challenge Bitcoin?s current role as the premier digital currency offering in the world by focusing on dramatically increased levels of privacy for all transactions. Zcash representatives maintain that this will be accomplished even as the new coin is maintained using a public blockchain that will be independent of the Bitcoin chain. According to information provided by the company, the Zcash system will be designed to conceal the identify of both sender and recipient, as well as all transaction values.


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