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Cybersecurity is one of the major concerns of the cryptocurrency industry. The recent hacking incidents have further increased the demand for cryptocurrency experts in the industry. Equibit Development Corporation ? a Toronto, Canada based blockchain based company has hired one of the best security experts in the industry to oversee the company needs.

Equibit recently announced the inclusion of John McAfee, the person behind McAfee anti-virus and cyber security software into the team as the Chief Security Officer. Media reports state that the arrangement between McAfee and Equibit is quite unusual as the new chief security officer will be reporting to the company?s board instead of the CEO.

In a press statement, the CEO of Equibit ? Chris Horlacher has said,

?We are honored and thrilled to be working with McAfee. With his input and ongoing guidance, Equibit Development Corporation will continue to set the security standard for blockchain services. We share his unwavering commitment to IT security and, with his help, will continue to push the boundaries of what?s possible in this industry.?

Equibit is a decentralized asset register that covers stocks and securities. With multiple blockchain support on a single application, the platform allows issuers and investors to manage all their assets in one place without worrying about the security.? The peer-to-peer network allows parties to instantly create and transfer equity units without involving any third parties.

In a statement about his role in Equibit, McAfee said,

?EDC has positioned itself to become a major player in the blockchain development field focused on the financial sector. With my guidance and advice, I anticipate the company to experience stellar growth and achievements.?

John McAfee is increasingly being involved in the cryptocurrency sector in the recent days. McAfee?s involvement in Equibit follows his interest in cryptocurrency mining. As a part of MGT Capital Investments Inc., McAfee is invested in the development and operation of a cryptocurrency mining center using about 400 Bitmain Antminer S9 ASIC machines.

In an exclusive interview with NewsBTC, Chris had spoken about his plans for Equibit and how the company is going to revolutionize the financial sector.

Ref: VentureBeat | Image: NewsBTC


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