Fake IDs in Bitcoin — Hundreds attend China BTC Summit — What is Peercoin?

Fake IDs in Bitcoin -- Hundreds attend China BTC Summit -- What is Peercoin?

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Here are Today’s MadBits: Bitcoin Prices are steady in the 430s-440s, with Coindesk BPI reporting a Last of 9, a High of 0 and a Low of 1.

Peercoin is steady at .10 — recently seperating from Namecoin who was left behind in Peer’s dust at .05 — is Peercoin experiencing the MadBitcoins bump? The same bump that sent Reddcoin skyrocketing from 4 satoshis all the way up to 9 satoshis after being coin of the week last week. Thanks to Reddcoin for being the coin of the week! Reddcoin is as we said way up, but down slightly to 8 satoshis. Litecoin is at .32 a coin.

1.) Kids Are Using Bitcoin to Buy Fake IDs Online

also check out Fake ID Flow:

2.) Embattled CEO of Bitcoin miner firm: “We are as poor as church mice”

3.) Colorado Congressman Seizes on New Bitcoin Rules
Colorado Congressman Seizes on New Bitcoin Rules

4.) Hundreds attend China’s first bitcoin summit, defying Beijing’s warning

5.) Chinese bitcoin firms plan to go offshore to sidestep crackdown

6.) But…. What — What is Peercoin?

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