Introduction to Bitcoin, explained for beginners – Bitcoin Prince 2016

What Are Bitcoins?
Some Interesting Facts?
Bitcoin is a digital currency
Because it is digital, you can literally backup your money, so, when properly cared for, it can?t be:
Frozen or seized
Allows a direct and immediate transfer of value between two people anywhere in the world.
No banks, governments, or organizations control or influence it.
Cannot be counterfeited, inflated, printed, or devalued over time.
A peer-to-peer network functions as a distributed authority to record transactions.
Bitcoin operates on free, open-source software on any computer or smart phone.
There are no start-up, transaction, or usage fees.
Purchases can be completely anonymous.
Transactions cannot be reversed.
Privacy is enhanced with Bitcoin and it reduces identity theft.
Bitcoins can be exchanged in open markets for any other currency.
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