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The global tendention in the fund managing is simplification ? the abitity to control own funds in one place. Jaxx, the blockchain interfaice is famouse because of its amount of platforms: all of available on the market: Windows, Android, Linux, iOS ? 8 ones, has recently added the support for Dash. Apple has demonstrated an ambiguous react ? company declined the Dash support from the AppStore. Jaxx users and Dash representatives have shown their opinian about it. Users made a flash mobe in social media. Dash Detailed, Dash news source – published a satirical video. Jaxx in thier turn declared ? this desision will not affect the Dash integration into the other 7 platforms. Increasing demand for bitcoin services of society had won renewed interest on the various governments. China is planning to accept Blockchain system for Social Security Funds. According to the chinadaily.com.cn, Wang Zhongmin, vice-chairman of the National Council for Social Security Fund, has presented China?s plan to accept Blockchain system for Social Security Funds. Dorothy Hukill, Florida Senator, has announced plans to file legislation regarding cryptocurrencies. ?I think you have to recognize it at some level, so you can legislate and protect your constituents?. Follow My Vote ? startup focused on devising solution to resist the vote rigging and will launch the test platform on the mock US Presidential election this November. Some kind of contest in investment we can see between European countries. German fintech funding overtake British one by 80%. Germany has invested 6 million (?142 million) in startups, whereas UK investment sum was 3 million in the second quarter of the year. According to the Businessinsider.com, three largest fintech startups were held in Germany – marketplace lender Finanzcheck, digital-only bank N26 and payment provider AEVI. Discovering of fintech ecosystem, supporting and investing projects and startups produce positive results, which makes the future inconceivable without fintech. Lykke, a Swiss Fintech blockchain company, starts ICO campaign ? Initial Coin Offering. The Swiss blockchain-powered marketplace Lykke sells 30 million Lykke coins at 0.05 CHF (Swiss francs) per coin, according to the official ?r?ss release, offering will last until the 10th of October. ICONOMI, the first investment fund management platform for the decentralized economy runs by Cashila exchange opened its ICO, which collected 31 thousand dollars for the first hour and continuous to grow, planning to hit the 2000 Bitcoin mark during thirty-six days ICO. Max Kordek, Lisk co-founder and CEO, will be the sole Lisk private key holder. We asked him about the reasons of his participating. We continue. MGT Capital Investments has presented good results of mining operation in Washington. New York-based investment firm MGT Capital Investments has announced successful completion of the first phase on the bitcoin mining facility in Washington. The capacity production output was 2.6 PetaHash. No cards, no gadgets. New technologies for cryptocurrency payment. Implantable NFC may soon enable Bitcoin users to store their wallet information beneath their skin and even make payments by just waving their hands. The project of bio-implantable NFC chip was presented on during the Black Sea Summit 2016 held recently in Ukraine. Canadian blockchain solutions provider BTL Group has teamed up with games developer Fantasy 6 Sports to develop a suite of blockchain services targeting fantasy sports companies. Fantasy 6 ? sports, entertainment and technology company has collaborated with Canadian blockchain technology company to provide own SecurePlay platform and create the suite of blockchain services for the specifically of fantasy sports companies. FirstBlood, the blockchain based eSports platform, invites gamers and blockchainers to take a part of Crowdsale, which will start on the 26th of September and will last until the 24th of October. Project will take place on official site of the FirstBlood platform. The interview with founder is preparing and will be published in the nearest release.

ELM 285% Investment Plan Training that shows a live 0 investment transaction. This is 4 of 10 review and training video that examination of the ELM Website and published information.
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