Linux Foundation doubles down on support for tamper-free software – InfoWorld


The Linux Foundation?s Core Infrastructure Initiative (CII) is renewing its financial support for a project that ensures binaries produced from open source software projects are free of tampering.

The Reproducible Builds Project?provides tools and best practices to software projects to ensure that the binaries generated by a compilation process are identical each time and can be matched to the source code used to build them.

Among the big attractions of free and open source software is its promise of auditability?that you?ll always have access to the underlying code and won?t be impeded from determining if the code has back doors. But for most users, there?s no guarantee that the binaries they run are actually derived from the source code.?Reproducible builds are intended to provide such a guarantee.

The CII began funding the Reproducible Builds Project in June 2015. Back then the project focused on ensuring the Debian Linux distribution could provide verified binaries, as a guarantee to its user base that its software was free of outside tampering.


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