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Video Rating: / 5 to get weekly free 50k (if wagered +1 BTC)

Hello everyone


Today I’m gonna show you a method how to get tons of BITCOIN
for FREE

Go to to get weekly free 50k (if wagered +1 BTC)
link will be in the description

Make sure you deposit some to have bigger earnings


Pick : The first one [labaw hari (2 heads and 1 tail)]

Bet Amount: 50 sat. (0.00000050 BTC)

Increase on loss : 80%

Let it roll 🙂

Im gonna roll for 2 mins and then calculate the winnings


Balance before start : 0.00485322 BTC

Balance after 2 mins : 0.00496323 BTC

1 hour : 0.00330030 BTC = 1.868 $

1 day : 0.07920720 BTC = 44.83 $

1 week : 0.55445040 BTC = 313.9 $

1 month: 2.45542320 BTC = 1,390 $

Happy winings 🙂

It is a little risky with the balance i have but if you deposit like 0.1 the chances of failing go to 0% 🙂
Video Rating: / 5


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